Top Team Leadership Alignment

"Businesses need to invest in their top teams to fulfill the leadership promise implicitly demanded by their staff and market place environment."

The turbulence and complexity faced by top leaders has only become magnified in recent years. Eli works with the Full Circle Group to deliver a game-changing framework from which your senior leaders can launch their business on an upward trajectory. Why does Eli partner with FCG? Because they have an impeccable record of helping companies transform their leadership at the top, and an ability to scale globally. We also share the same values and philosophy on leadership development. It's hard to argue with a successful 30 year track record with the world's leading companies.

Who is this for?

Upper level management and executives who are serious about improving their leadership and the effectiveness of their organization.



  • World renown process employed to assist Executives in identifying problematic areas and make progress in their growth goals  
  • High impact one-on-one coaching
  • Design of the program allows busy Executives on the job practice of their leadership
  • Practical action planning
Why Should I Participate?

Top Team Leadership Alignment is a transformational experience for senior leaders serious about their growth.  It links leadership behaviors to key business drivers for each leader in their area of influence.