Aligning business strategy and leadership development

The litmus test for world-class leadership development is whether or not that leadership development is fused with your organization's strategy. The best leadership development processes need to align your organization towards the execution of its market strategy. At Eli we centralize the link between business strategy and leadership development. It is a core component to our leadership development process. At the end of the day leaders are responsible for mobilizing people towards your stated goals. We do that explicitly.

Measuring Leadership Effectivness

Wouldn't it be great if you could measure leadership effectiveness, like you do sales, or customer satisfaction? We can. Eli employs leading edge technology when it comes to its leadership development practices. We can measure the effectiveness of your leaders. Better yet, we can measure their growth in a data driven manner, that allows leaders to see their progress and growth. Imagine adding leadership effectiveness to your company's dashboard reports -- We can help you do that.

Eli employs leading edge technology when it comes to its leadership development practices. On the forefront of leadership development practices is the integration of horizontal leadership development (competencies) with vertical leadership development (stage theory/adult development). Eli incorporates both seamlessly into our leadership development processes. Leadership development needs to develop leaders with capabilities such as casting vision, fostering team play, and systems thinking (horizontal) as well as the ability to comprehend the complexity of a rapidly changing business environment (vertical). Leaders need the ability to see beyond their own reality and lead others in uncertain times. Our approach helps leaders navigate the uncertainty and complexity in our global economy.

Eli exclusively uses The Leadership Circle Profile 360˚as a baseline for all of its executive level engagements. It is one of the premier leadership development tools in the world. It is published in 5 different languages to accommodate a global roll out. It works exceptionally well to incorporate horizontal as well as vertical assessment of participant's leadership abilities.

Leadership development system for all levels
of the organization

Eli has leadership development offerings that suit every leader in your organization. Savvy companies realize that leadership development is a process and an investment -- It is not a program or event. Our processes start with first line leaders and move up through the organization to provide challenging leadership development engagements for all levels of leaders. Companies who think about their leadership development efforts as a systematic effort, nuture world class talent.

Leadership Essentials – first line leaders development
Eli's leadership Intensive – Helps emerging leaders (high potential leaders) take quantum leaps in their leadership ability
Top Team Leadership Alignment – Leadership development and alignment for senior leaders in your organization

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