Eli's Leadership Essentials™

Equipping First-Line Supervisors To Drive Your Business Forward

Front line supervisors are one of the most overlooked groups for training, but are the ones that need it the most. LeadershipEssentials equips staff with skills to effectively lead direct labor forces in the current progressive work environment. Better front line leaders increase morale, production and communication with your workforce.

Who is this for?

First-line supervisors or people newer to the management of others. Ideal for the manager who is the first line of management in sales, the service industry, manufacturing, call centers, or logistics.

How does it help the organization?

First line leaders who are transformed by LeadershipEssentials drive improved morale and production of the workforce and improve communication between the workforce and its leadership.

What is Leadership Essentials?

A dynamic hands on leadership training helping first line supervisors sharpen the skills they need to lead your workforce. 12 hours of instruction that is spaced out in 2-hour increments to maximize learning over time. It helps people who do not have a lot of supervisory experience lead a group of people in such a way that those people become more productive and motivated employees. The course curriculum is designed with time-tested leadership strategies in mind.

Why should first line leaders participate?

The program has an emphasis on application to the supervisor’s leadership role. Participants get just enough leadership theory to work into their supervisory functions while maintaining highly applicable methods that help participants leave each session with skills in hand.

Leadership Essentials is a completely customizable curriculum based on the skill level of the supervisory group -- Emerging Leaders Institute interviews a sample of supervisors in conjunction with organizational trainers, to assess curriculum needs. Based on those needs, a tailored curriculum is developed specifically for your organization.

Instructional times and places are determined by your organization’s preference. Emerging Leaders Institute can work with your hourly supervisors’ schedules to keep them on the floor as much as possible.