Graphic Facilitation

Making Ideas Visible

The Problem

Businesses and organizations face a complex and changing world.  Many successful people and companies fail to see that the very skills and ways of thinking that have led to their success actually may be hindering their ability to respond to the problem at hand.  If we use a farming metaphor "our skills make furrows" like a farmer's plow in a field that both guide the tractor more easily through the field but at the same time are difficult to overcome if the furrow has gone awry.  Just like the furrows made by a farmer, our skills and ways of thinking are not only guides but come become a barrier if we need to change course.    

The Solution

Facing the tough problems of our time requires that successful people and businesses have ways of bringing their skills, habits, theories to the foreground.  Once the "successful furrows" are in the foreground we can begin to alter or even "displace" them with more appropriate ways of thinking and doing for the current problem.  

Graphic facilitation is a way of capturing a problem and those ways of thinking about that problem with large scale drawings.  Rendering our problem in a simplified manner of lines and colors allows us to focus on aspects of it that we may have not noticed before.  It also brings to light those ways of thinking about the problem by rendering them in the same graphic language.  Capturing the problem and our thinking about  the problem allows for a productive interaction between the two

visible ideas

Key service Features

  • The drawings help companies see troubling Challenges in Fresh ways.
  • The symbolic representations allows a wealth of ideas and experiences to surface in safe and productive ways.

  • Iterative process shapes leader's thinking-- The interaction between our thinking and the drawing is an iterative one where we alter and adjust both our thinking and the drawing to find an insight that makes sense.

How It Works
Sean Live Drawing During A Workshop

Live Workshop Example