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Aligning Business strategy and Leadership development
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Aligning business strategy and leadership development

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we can measure your leadership effectiveness - Putting metrics into the development process

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Leadership Development Systems for all levels of the organization

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Client Testimonials

Hear success stories of satisfied Emerging Leaders Institute clients.

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Leadership Resources

Practical resources for Leadership development, Cultural development, and much more.

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Eli's Blog is a place to find practical information for your organizational culture and leadership.
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Clients & Testimonials

Don't take our word for it. See what others have said about Eli's Work.

Why Leadership Development?

Reputable research has concluded that highly effective leaders double the results of their average counterparts in almost every measurable category -- net profits, customer satisfaction, employee turnover, even employee satisfaction with pay.
The answer to the question is that it literally pays to have highly effective leaders. Like all initiatives worth undertaking, developing leaders must be done systematically, and backed by proven methodology. Eli has a methodology backed by valid data and research, which will help leaders meet the challenges of an increasingly complex business environment. In addition, our processes include several rounds of leader growth measurement, administered through state-of-the-art technology. Eli's clients are often organizations who are business savvy and are invested in driving results. They make the link between bottom line success and organizational culture and leadership.

Leaders touch everything that drives business performance. They establish organizational identity such as Mission, Vision, and Values. They translate vision into strategy and strategy into execution. Leaders design the execution systems and create the culture (Culture eats strategy everytime.) They also establish key metrics, accountability, and develop talent and succession plans. Simply put, an organization will never outperform its leadership. Best in class organizations spend time and money developing their leaders. They know that their leadership development must evolve at (or beyond) the pace of change and escalating complexity or their business will go extinct.

Leadership Services

Leadership Essentials™

First line leaders who are transformed by Leadership Essentials drive improved morale and production of the workforce and improve communication between the workforce and its leadership.

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Leadership Intensive™

It is a nine month program that combines 360° feedback, seminar work, and individual coaching sessions. It is designed with the busy professional in mind. The program is executed on-site which allows leaders to maximize their time working.

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Top Team Leadership Alignment

This session is designed for top level leaders in organizations who are serious about improving their leadership and the effectiveness of their organization.

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Experiential Designs

Eli offers custom-designed engaging experiences that connect our clients' desired outcomes to a robust understanding of human and organizational complexity. In our experiential programs, individual and teams are invited to grow deeper in their awareness and leadership effectiveness.

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